Anime: Medabots

11 Dec


I remember watching this when I was around 13, maybe? I never really payed much attention to it, but I was looking through some TV series lists and I saw it. I suddenly had the urge to watch it and see how it ended. This happens to me a lot. I may not be interested at first, but I’m very curious about the end. Which means I like it deep inside  even if I refuse to admit it. Well, now I’m able to admit this kind of things, but not when I was 13.

General Information:

  • Genre: shonen, mecha, comedy, adventure, science fiction
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 1999
  • Seasons and episodes: two seasons of 26 episodes each
  • Sequels: Medabots Spirits/Medabot Damashii (39 episodes)
  • Manga: yes
  • Watch online on:


Medabots are intelligent robots designed to duel in robattles and serve humans, but they are also very expensive. In fact, ten year old Ikki Tenryou doesn’t have the money to pay for one, being probably the only kid in his school who doesn’t have a medabot.

Luckily, he finds a medal in a river. Medals are a very important part of a medabot. It contains the medabots’ characteristics and personality and allows them to come to life. Ikki also manages to get enough money to buy an outdated model. The shop assistant, Henry, tells him the medabot’s name is Metabee.

However, Metabee has an attitude problem. It turns out he is stubborn and bad tempered, something very strange in a medabot since they are usually very diligent and kind. This leads Ikki to think his medal is defective. Later on, it is revealed Metabee’s medal is a “rare” medal.

Follow Ikki and his friends in the World Robattle Tournament while they try to discover the secret behind the rare medals. Why does the Phantom Renegade steal them? What happened during the Ten Days of Darkness and what’s its connection to the Space Medafighter X?


Fine for a kid’s show: funny, lovable. Not complicated, but not so simple that is boring. Every character has its own personality and it’s pretty clear who is who and what to expect of them.


Not very detail, but efficient. This cartoonish anime style gives the impression of being what it is: a cartoon for children.

The best:

  • The running gag of Henry obviously being both the Phantom Renegade and the Space Medafighter X, but nobody finding out. It cracked me up.
  • Robattles were quite interesting, but it could have been better.
  • I like the plot, but it seems quite unfinished.

The worst:

  • Unfinished plot. Two many loose ends, like how the medaforce works or where Metabee’s medal comes from.
  • NEVER finding out who Henry really is. I expected they would find out at the end, but no chance.
  • The sequel: I started to watch it, but a lot of main characters in the previews seasons disappear in the sequel, so I dropped it.


6 out of 10. It has a lot of funny moments, but the unfinished plot bothers me too much. I’m not asking for a complicated plot since it wasn’t mean to be that way, but at least they should have tied up those loose ends. Probably, a kid would rate this with a higher mark than me, though 🙂

3 Responses to “Anime: Medabots”

  1. Super throw back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved this show!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Butterfly at 4:20 pm #

      I know, right? hahaha Same feeling i got when I saw it on the series lists ^^


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