Drama: It Started with a Kiss

15 Dec


I watched this drama a long time ago, when I loved Taiwanese dramas more than Japanese and Korean ones because they are generally more touchy-feely and kisses are more real. I think this is one of the most addictive dramas I’ve ever seen since I hated the main girl and I still watched everything. You should watch it if you are looking for a simple story.





General Information:

  • Genre: romance, comedy
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Year: 2005-2006
  • Episodes: 30
  • Sequel: They Kiss Again (20 episodes)
  • Main casting: Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng an Jiro Wang
  • Watch online on: alodrama


When Xiang Qin and her father are about to move, their new house collapses due to a sudden earthquake and the incident makes it to the news. Shortly after, her father receives a call from an old friend who offers them to stay at his home for the time being and he accepts.

Their host and his wife turn out to be very friendly, but as soon as Xiang Qin meets their son, she is in utter shock. She knows him! Zhi Shu is the very same guy who recently rejected her love letter saying he only likes smart girls! Frankly speaking, she’s totally an airhead while he is a genius with an IQ of 200, but at least she is not a cold and arrogant asshole like him.

As they struggle to live in the same house, both will get closer reluctantly. Will she have a second chance? Is a second chance even worth it with a person like him? Will he look at her in a different light? What will happen when someone else starts to show an interest for her?

The best:

  • Very funny.
  • Interesting relationship since he is overly smart and she is overly stupid.
  • Joe Cheng and Jiro Wang are very good in this drama. I love both of them.
  • Is it just me or Joe Cheng is an excellent kisser?
  • Very addictive.

The worst:

  • She is the most stupid drama character I’ve ever seen. It was so annoying! They over did it. I even thought she REALLY was mentally retarded! She couldn’t do a single thing right and she’s some kind of puppy who follows him everywhere. Ariel Lin’s acting was probably good, but I was so angry at her character that I can’t tell. This can give you an idea about how addictive this drama is because I did not only watched the whole season, but I watched the sequel as well.


8 out of 10. Even if Xiang Qin was very annoying, I can’t deny this drama is very addictive for some unknown reason.

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