Anime: Tokyo Mew Mew

24 Dec


I’m not a fan of mahou shojo (magical girl anime), but my sister is. Somehow, I ended up watching all the episodes with her and even reading the manga when she bought it. Yep, it was a surprise for me to like Tokyo Mew Mew. And I know it’s not probably the best anime of this genre. I’m sure there are ones that are far better, but still it totally hooked me on, probably because I like the unrequited love story and the aliens characters.



General Information:

  • Author: Reiko Joshida (story) and Mia Ikumi (drawing)
  • Genre: shojo, magical girls, romance, aliens, action
  • Country: Japan
  • Year: 2002
  • Episodes: 52
  • Manga: yes
  • Watch online on:


Finally! Ichigo Momomiya has a date with her crush, Masaya Aoyama, at an endangered species exhibit. She is very nervous, but everything goes well until a strange earthquake shakes the place. Ichigo falls down as she looses consciousness and has a vision of a cat disappearing into her body. But then she wakes up to a peaceful sunset, covered with Aoyama’s jacket, and thinks everything has been just a dream.

However, the next day is the weirdest of her life as she starts to behave like a cat right after she wakes up! Nothing makes sense until she meets Ryo Shirogane and Keiichiro Akasaka after a rat monster attacks Aoyama at a park

According to both of them, Ichigo was chosen at the exhibit to be infused with the Iriomote cat’s DNA due to her own DNA’s high compatibly level, allowing her to transform into Mew Ichigo and use her new acquired superpowers to fight against the Chimera Animals, which are animals that are controlled and turned into monsters by aliens. This is what they call the Mew Project.

Moreover, she is not the only one as four more girls were as well infused with the DNA of different endangered species. Ichigo’s first task will be to find Mint, Lettuce, Pudding and Zakuro so they can all together take part in the Mew Project. 

Soon enough, the aliens Kisshu, Taruto and Pai, who control the Chimera Animals, will stop hiding and start fighting face to face. However, the three aliens will be nothing in comparison with a greater evil who hides in the shadows, waiting to be released. What will happen when the plot thickens? And who the hell is the mysterious Blue Knight who randomly helps the girls?

Can the Mew girls save the world?


As expected of this kind of shojo, all the Mews have a distinct personality -airhead Ichigo, snob Mint, gentle Lettuce, cheerful Pudding and serious Zakuro- as well as a distinct color they always wear on no matter what. Their personalities balance each other as a whole, but the characters are plain on its own. Besides, Ichigo steals most of the show for her, so the other girls don’t get to shine as much as they could. I find a lot more interesting the other girls than Ichigo, actually, because for me she was the plainest of the girls. Anyway, for a mahou shojo, it was ok.

The three aliens have also very distinct personalities, but they are not that plain. You can tell there is much more to them than meets the eye, although we don’t get to see it. It’s a pity when characters are not as develop as they could. We get to know Kisshu a bit more since he is the leader, but actually you don’t really know if that’s the real him.

BUT the worst character ever is Aoyama. I would dare to say I’ve never seen a character as plain as him. He is good at everything, popular, perfect… So perfect that it sucks. There has been a lot of bashing in the fandom, but he has his fans too. I’m not the kind of person who does bashing because I think it’s stupid, but from my reader’s point of view, he is an empty character.


Well, it is a mahou shojo through and through, with loads of clothes, some hair styles, shiny things, cakes… Akasaka even have a pastry and tea shop were the girls work. Moreover, the girls and the aliens are named after food. The art is sweet and pretty, but I don’t mean it’s bad. I like it a lot and it’s not as sugary as it could have been, in case you are afraid 😛

The best:

  • The aliens and their story were really cool.
  • Poor Kisshu’s unrequited love story. He even gets a bit crazy, literally. It kinda scared me at some point, to be honest.
  • Pretty art.
  • It’s easy to like the girls even if they are too plain, except maybe Ichigo. They are fun to watch when they are together.
  • Good material to start reading and writing fanfics 😀

The worst:

  • Aoyama. Aoyama. Aoyama. Really, such a simple character…
  • At some point, Aoyama officially becomes Ichigo’s boyfriend. Most boring couple ever.
  • Most of the characters had the potential to be very interesting, but it was wasted.
  • There is no sequel about the aliens’ life after the end of the series… Well, I think it would be pretty interesting 😉

8 out of 10. Even if characters are a bit lacking, I didn’t expect to enjoy this kind of shojo so much. I’m kinda struggling to be sensible and not give it a higher mark.


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