Book: The Maze Runner

1 Jan


A friend of mine recommended me this book, so I decided to take his advice and I’m glad I did because it’s incredibly good. It’s my favorite of the trilogy, actually, which I’ll try to review later on. The story is amazing, nothing like I’ve read before. If you are into The Hunger Games or dystopic novels at all, you should read this. Go on and keep reading so i can convince you! 🙂




General Information:

  • Author: James Dashner
  • Country: United States
  • Pages: around 370 (depends on edition)
  • Genre: adventure, dystopia, science fiction, future, post apochaliptic
  • Publishing date: 2oo9
  • Sequels: The Scorching Trials and The Death Cure.
  • Status: completed trilogy
  • Prequels: The Kill Order
  • Movie: upcoming (2014)


Thomas suddenly finds himself in an elevator with no memories at all. The elevator keeps moving until the doors open and then he’s greeted by other fifty teenage boys. He has arrived to the Glade, a place surrounded by a maze, where horrible creatures called Grievers attack at night. Luckily, the guys are protected by thick walls that close around them every night.

The Gladers, as they call themselves, lead a pretty much systematic life by now. They have formed a community in which every member has an assigned job. Through the elevator, supplies are sent every week and a new boy arrives every month.

However, this steadiness they are used to until now will soon crumble as a new person will be sent to the Glade soon after Thomas arrives. And this time it’s a girl, something that has never happened before. Moreover, before falling into a comma, she delivers a message: she is the last one.

Who is this girl and why does Thomas seem to have an special connection to her and the maze? Will the Gladers ever solve the maze? What are all of them doing there in the first place?


There are 52 characters to handle, which is a very tough job for an author. Obviously, a lot of this characters do not come up often or are very developed, but the author does a good job into attaching us to a good number of them considering there are a lot and giving them distinct personalities (some adorable, some hateful). So somehow, you get to care a lot about characters that don’t appear very often and even more about the few main ones. It’s is something I like: they all seem to have their own story even if we don’t have time for every of them.

About Thomas, he is indeed special among his fellow gladers because he’s the main character, but at the same time it feels he’s just one of them, something I really liked. He is your average and not perfect boy. Of course, he is linked to the girl in a way I’m not going to reveal, but they do get kinda romantically involved. But this is almost not seen at all. It is rather something you get from the whole vibe of it. I never really like her character because it seemed very plain to me and I never really understood their love, maybe because the author didn’t know how to convey it. Don’t get me wrong, this story doesn’t revolve around a teenage love story at all (can’t even be classified into the romance genre), so I don’t want that, but I’m sure there could have been a better way to feel their relationship. However, one good think is that they don’t fall in love automatically.

The best:

  • The mystery. Why and how are they there? What’s the maze? Will they escape?
  • The answer to those questions. I think it was pretty good.
  • Their community life, especially the runner job. Runners try to solve the maze, which is a very dangerous thing to do if you don’t come back to the Glade on time.
  • The gladers and their different personalities.
  • Shinee or Lee Minho fans out there? One of the guys is Korean and his name is Minho. I found it funny 😉

The worst:

  • I think the girl is my only complain, but she is not that bad.


9’5 out of 10. I had one of the best times reading this mystery full book. I just can’t wait to see the movie.

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