Manga: Barajou no Kiss / Kiss of Rose Princess

2 May



Hello, guys! Today I’m bringing you a review about a manga I started to read a few years back, but because it wasn’t complete, I couldn’t finish it at the time. When I realized it had been finished, I rushed to read it and here it is my review on Barajou no Kiss or Kiss of Rose Princess. I’ve been pretty hooked by it for the last few days, but it failed me in the end. Keep reading to know more!

General Information

  • Author: Shouoto Aya
  • Country: Japan
  • Volumes: 9
  • Chapters: 40
  • Genre: shojo, romance, supernatural, fantasy, comedy, harem, school life
  • Status: Completed
  • Publishing date: 2008
  • Anime: No
  • Read it online on: mangafox 


When she was little, Anis’ father gave her a choker, which was supposed to be an amulet to keep her away from harm. According to her father, if she ever took it off, she would suffer a great punishment.

However, because the choker attracts too many attention from the other students, she has never liked it and has tried to get rid of it several times. So far, she has never succeeded.

One day she crushed into an strange flying creature and her choker disappears, presumably stolen by the creature.  Soon after that, she finds out she is in the possession of four mysterious cards which she has to kiss in order to summon the Rhode Knights. She is their dominion and her wish is their command.

Will she be able to endure the punishment her father has talked about all along? Will she find her choker? And who will she fall in love with? 


I like it. It’s pretty, but nor overly done. I love Anis’ and all the Rhode Knights’ designs.


I’m glad Anis is not your typical damsel in distress, but when she is, she complains about her role as such. She is a little bit of a tomboy, but feminine enough. Positive, cheerful, but not so much that she seemed like an airhead.

The Rhode Knights have all distinct personalities, which is expected of a harem shojo, and it is quite enjoyable. My favorite Rhode Knight is Kaede, but I love Tenjou’s antics as well. Mutsuri and Seiran have interesting stories to tell.

How ever, I think they characters could have been further developed. I feel that I didn’t get to really know them and it is a pity since they all seemed very interesting. 

The best: 

  • The whole thing about she summoning four handsome guys at her command. Come on. Which girl wouldn’t like that? 😀
  • But, really, the idea was good, interesting and funny.
  • I love the humor, provided many times by Tenjou, but the others as well.
  • Anis’ father’s story.

The worst: 

  • The end. It was so rush and so unfinished! It tied all the loose ends, but still it seems like part of the story is missing. Everything was a bit slow paced before and suddenly in just 40 pages we have the end.
  • Because of this, the whole romantic thing is underdeveloped. You know who she is going to end up with since the beginning, but you don’t get to see it. That’s very disappointing in a shojo manga.


7 out of 10 because the idea was good and the beginning was very well paced, but it failed at the end and at conveying the expected romance. 

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