Drama: Myung Wol The Spy

28 May

Myung-Wol-the-Spy7Finally I watched a new drama! I’m happy to say this drama has given me back my desire to watch more dramas. It was not that incredible, but I enjoyed it a lot. Great actors, nice characters and an intriguing plot. I hope I’ll be reviewing more dramas from now on 🙂







General Information:

  • Genre: romance, drama, martial arts
  • Country: South Korea
  • Year: 2011
  • Episodes: 18
  • Main casting: Han Ye Seul, Eric, Lee Jin Wook and Jang Hee Jin.
  • Watch online on: gooddrama.net


Myung Wol is a North Korean spy who is striving to serve her country as a special agent as well as her father did. In spite of failing a test, she is is given a mission along with the chief of special agents, Choi Ryu. Her orders are to protect the daughter of a high ranking military while she is attending hallyu star Kang Woo’s concert, but she messes up and so she is not chosen to be part of the special agents team.

However, Myung Wol decides to go to South Korea to complete her mission, but ends up saving Kang Woo. When her superiors in North Korea learn this, she is given a new mission: she is to kidnapped Kang Woo and bring him to South Korea. At the same time, Choi Ryu is also sent to South Korea with new orders: he is to obtain the Four Joint Books, which can change the history of Korea. Moreover, unbeknownst to all of them, Kang Woo and his benefactor have a bigger role to play on this.

What will Myung Wol decide when she realizes that she is in love with Kang Woo? Will he ever forgive her for lying to him? How does Choi Ryu really feel about Muyng Wol? And what is this all about those ancient books that everybody would do anything to get them?


I think the best about Myung Wol is that she really can kick ass! She is not a helpless girl, as expected from a trained spy. In general, she a likable character, but there is nothing special about her apart from what I’ve already mentioned. 

Kang Woo is your typical male lead: conceited, but with a good heart and some secrets to hide from the media. 

Choi Ryu is the serious and righteous kind of character, devoted to his job and country and unable to convey his feelings for Myung Wol because of his duties.

In Ah is a famous actress, the granddaughter of Kang Woo’s benefactor and she is in love with him. She is a bit mean and spoilt and get jealous of Myung Wol. However, I didn’t find her that annoying and I kinda like her.  

The best:

  • Action scenes were good for a drama and it was great to see a girl kicking ass for once.
  • Is there any Shinwha fans out there? You’ll surely like Eric in this drama. I’m not a Shinwha fan, but I like him anyway. Seriously, he’s a good actor. He can cry and he does it a lot 😀 When I usually watch a drama starring a hallyu star that is not really an actor, I don’t expect them to be that good.
  • Intriguing plot.

The worst:

  • I wanted to see more of In Ah and Choi Ryu. They were good together.
  • I think they portrait North Korea a bit too lightly.
  • I still don’t really understand why it was necessary to bring a hallyu star to North Korea.
  • The Four Joint Books: they had a good plot there, but they underdeveloped it. I wanted to know more!


8 out of 10.  It may seem a little high because there are more cons than pros, but I really enjoyed it overall and it has manage to give me back my desire of watching Asian dramas, which was long lost. So I think it deserves it 🙂


Didn’t wrote down a lot this time u.u Send more quotes if you have any!

“Because I keep forgiving you, it drives me crazy.” -Gang Woo

“Am I really in love with that rotten girl?” -Gang Woo

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