Manga: Shinshi Doumei Cross / The Gentleman’s Alliance Cross

3 Jun

shinshi-doumei-cross-439481Unlike the mangas I’ve recently reviewed, there is no fantasy in this one for a chance. It doesn’t mean the story is realistic, though. It was a bit hard for me to read it at first because the female protagonist seemed like someone I would get annoyed with, but she surprised me! And so I devoured the whole series pretty quickly. It has its ups and downs, but it’s still enjoyable. Now what do you think? Have you read it?




General Information

  • Author: Tanemura Arina
  • Country: Japan
  • Volumes: 11
  • Chapters: 59
  • Genre: comedy, drama, romance, school life, shojo
  • Status: Completed
  • Publication date: 2004-2008
  • Anime: No
  • Read it online on: mangafox


Haine is the daughter of the prestigious Kamiya family. Her caring mother usually reads her her favorite fairy tale, which was written by Shizumasa Toga. He is another rich child whom she falls in love with through the kindness depicted in his book. Her father, however, is a very strict man who is always disappointed with her and ends up selling his own daughter to the Otomiya family to save his company.

Renamed Haine Otomiya, she can’t cope up with her sorrow in spite of having a nice adoptive family and becomes a girl gang member. Nevertheless, one night she meets Shizumasa again, who tells her to live life however she wants to.  Thus she decides to drop being a delinquent and enrolls in Shizumasa’s prestigious High School to try to win his love, which doesn’t seem to be easy. Shizumasa is the worshiped president of the student council and getting closer to him is the most difficult thing ever, specially due to the fact that she is ranked as a lowly copper according to the school’s particular class system.

Lucky her, she will be appointed a student council member soon enough and will start to uncover the dark secrets the president has kept for so long. Can she still love him when she learns that he is not how she imagined? Why does he seem to act differently every time?


Shojo style, pretty, big eyes… However, it was a bit difficult to tell some characters apart, specially the girls. Good enough backgrounds, though.


Haine may look like your typical dumb manga girl, but even if she’s so at times, she is also a former gang member and it shows in her personality. She is tough and determined. This balance keeps her from being annoying.

Shizumasa’s personality ranges from kind and calm to authoritative, rude and stubborn, which confuses Haine all the time. I can’t really say much without spoiling you all, so… But I kinda like him.

There are some other supportive characters as well, but most of them provide comic relief and unlikely situations more than plot material. They were ok, though.

The best: 

  • Some good plot twists. I wasn’t expecting them at all.
  • Original on the one hand; a bit cliche on the other, but it manages to surprise you anyway.
  • Haine being a former gang member was cool and it improves her character.
  • The story about how and why Haine is sell the Otomiya family was good.
  • The story about Shuizumasa was good too, but I expected a bit more of it.

The worst:

  • So I like the story overall, but it could have been a little bit better. It was dark, which I like, but it needs more time to solve the problems since the problems are solved really quickly towards the end.
  • Also I’ve read many people complaining about the end. I don’t want to spoil you, but it’s a bit unusual. I think it’s better to call it fresh, though. It’s only the second time I’ve seen something like this and I don’t think it is all that bad. If anything, it’s kinda clever. However, for this kind of ending, I think the situation needs to be a clear draw, which I think it wasn’t. Ok. I think I’m going to say SPOILER ALERT really loudly. This is confusing and I need to explain myself, so if you want to know, just select with your cursor the next blank space.  So Mizumasha has a twin. Unable to choose between them, she decides to marry both of them. I think it was pretty clear that she prefers one over the other, so even if I like this kind of ending, I think it wasn’t suited for this story. There. That’s it.


7 out of 10. I enjoyed it quite a lot, but this lingering feeling that it could have been better still remains.


Beware of spoilers!

“You shouldn’t cry alone. Live your live how you want to.” – Toga.

“I simply hate her.” – Takanari.

“The reason I stopped being a delinquent was because I fell in love with you.” -Haine.

“Words are hints to get to know the heart, right? So I must listen carefully.” -Haine.

“Don’t call me by that name, the name I abandoned long ago.” – Takanari.

“More than yesterday, more than today, more than tomorrow. Our hearts are closing in.” -Haine

“I love you, Haine. It’s not an act.” -Takanari.

“To live while lying to yourself about your feelings? There is no way that you could be happy.” -Haine.

“If we are this close, there is no way it can be resisted until morning. Tonight I’ll make you mine.” -Takanari.

“Just how a drop of ink tarnish a white paper as pure as snow, my very existence taints everything with darkness.” -Haine.

“If I were to die, I wonder if anyone would feel lonely and I wonder if that feeling of loneliness is the same loneliness I feel.” -Haine.

“When we met again, the eyes with he glared at me I will never forget.” -Shizumasa.

“I was ignorant of everything.” -Haine.

“To be alive is something I love very much.” -Haine.

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