Manhwa: Cutie Boy

24 Jun

18760lHello, guys! My exams are not over jet, but since I’ve a little bit of time, here it is a new review! 🙂 I’ve been reading some of Hwang Mi Ri’s works (same author as Crazy Girl Shin Bia), particularly those about school gangs. I’ll review them eventually, but I decided to do Cutie Boy first because it’s weird. Yeah, that’s my reason 😀 And “weird” is a word I’ve overused in this review. What do you thing about Hwang Mi Ri’s works anyway?




General Information

  • Author: Hwang Mi Ri
  • Country: South Korea
  • Volumes: 8
  • Chapters: 39
  • Genre: comedy, romance, school life, shojo
  • Status: Completed
  • Publication date: 2004
  • Anime: No
  • Read it online on: mangafox


Lee Han Ah reluctantly took the job of Il Hwa Girls High School’s gang leader to help her fellow students to get rid of the constant bullying from other schools. But even if her physical condition is better than the other girls’, her fighting skills are nothing to be proud of and actually wins her battles through cunning methods that all her gang pull off together. To safe face, her opponents never talk about it and so she is known as a legendary and fearsome fighter among the other gangs.

Honestly, all Han Ah wishes for is to date handsome guys, get married and have children, but her gang members have banned her from having a love life to keep her focus on her leader role. Though one day she accidentally meets a shy handsome boy and both start dating in secret and, of course, she has to keep quiet about being a gang leader if she doesn’t want to scare the guy away.

However, it turns out that he is nothing like she thought at all, but the nuttiest gang leader around and no other than her old classmate who bullied her in second grade. Yes, the one who called her “big butt” to no avail!

Can she cope up with his terrible and violent attitude and her bad luck?


Hwang Mi Ri’s art is usually ok, although a bit stiff, but there is something that bugs me every time. I think it’s the eyes, the occasional white eyelashes and the fact that she fails sometimes to convey the characters feelings. Specially in Cutie Boy I find that she put less effort than in her other works.


Our female lead Han Ah would have just been an average high school student if not for her forced job as the gang leader. She does make sense at the beginning of the series and behaves accordingly to her character and to her feelings, but then she suddenly realizes she is in love with Yoo Min just because she figures out that his strange behavior is due to his love for her. So, well, even if she realizes that, I find it hard to believe she falls for him. Come on. You don’t like back someone just because he likes you, specially not someone you’ve hated for tears and who is like Yoo Min is. not right away, at least.

Why is it hard to believe? Well, because Yoo Min is just… stupid. I mean, I’ve read tons of manga with the bad boy/violent male lead, but this is just over-exaggerated. Yoo Min just behaves like a spoiled child. Like a stupid spoiled child to the point that he is senseless. He shows his affections through violence and swearing (he swears A LOT) and he doesn’t understand anything at all.

Special mention to this other gang leader, whose name I’ve forgotten, who is just as weird as Yoo Min with a deathly love for puppies. Literally.

Actually, the only sane characters are the secondary ones, who usually express themselves in thought bubbles as almost no one dares to say in front of Yoo Min what they really think. Let’s say Han Ah is somewhat sane too, but I don’t really understand why she falls for him.


So for this review, I won’t be doing the “the best” and “the worst” section because I really don’t know what’s good and what’s bad. What I think is bad can be regarded as good and vice versa, so here it is my dilemma.

This manga is very weird, but because it’s weird it’s hilarious, although story-wise is lacking. So, to be honest, the only reason I kept reading until the end was because it made laugh at its weirdness, which makes it somehow original since the cliches are used in a parody sort of way.

So what I mean is, you can read this and laugh along if you think of it as some sort of parody of this kind school gang shojo manga (a kind of manga Hwang Mi Ri seems to love). I believe that the author herself didn’t take this story seriously and made it just for fun.

So I would say that taking the story seriously and developing a good plot and the characters a whole deal more would make a good story. However, since there are already a good number of stories like this and, as I said, a lot of them are by Hwang Mi Ri, I think it’s fine to have something this different and let her experiment with knew things.


Art: 5 out of 10. I did enjoy it, but I can’t really give it more than that.

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