Manga: Her Majesty’s Dog

28 Jun

51ZZ9J2XPFLI think Her Majesty’s Dog is one of those manga you start reading thinking it won’t be that good and then they surprise you in a good way. Even if it’s not the best story out there, it’s still very enjoyable and I quite like it. I do recommend it to you if you are into shojo, fantasy and demons and you don’t want a very complicated story.






General Information

  • Author: Takeuchi Mick
  • Country: Japan
  • Volumes: 11
  • Chapters: 46
  • Genre: comedy, drama, romance, school life, shojo, supernatural, fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Publication date: 2001-2006
  • Anime: No
  • Read it online on: mangafox


Amane is a cold and a bit old fashioned girl who, nevertheless, kisses and gets kissed by her friend Hyoue regardless the time and place, causing her to be picked on sometimes by her classmates.

However, Amane and Hyoue are not average students. She is an manatsukai who uses kotodama (the power of words) to control spirits and demons while Hyoue is her koma-oni (her guardian spirit), who she feeds power through kissing. Together they help lost souls and demons back to the right path.

Under condition of nobody finding out their secrets, the elders of the rural village where she lived in granted her permission to enroll in a High School in Tokyo, but her long awaited experiences in the modern world are compromised when another manatsukai arrives at the school as a teacher to watch over her and make her go back to her hometown.

Can Amane hide her secrets or will she have to go back to that  unpleasant place? Will Hynoue hide his forbidden love for her master for much longer? Why does it seem that Amane and Hyoue’s relationship is about to end?


Enough backgrounds to make me happy. Nice characters’ designs. Good action scenes. Not specially outstanding, though.


Amane is cold, dead serious and emotionally challenged. I love the way she doesn’t get others’ emotions, which leads her to be a bit clueless, but it’s not annoying. I totally love that she is not just another happpy-go-lucky female lead. She is a good character.

Hyoue is cool, funny and a bit belligerent. His devotion for Amane is admirable. The story about how he got to be Amane’s koma-oni is very touching. He carries some secret that he doesn’t even know about.

They also have two friends who usually tag along and are very relatable.

The best: 

  • Enjoyable.
  • Good balance between comic relief and drama.
  • Original plot? I’ve never seen another story about the kotodama before.
  • Fairly nice art.

The worst:

  • As far as I remember, there was nothing wrong with this story. It could have been a little more complicated and then it would have been better. There are 11 volumes after all. I wanted to see more demons and more action, for example.


8 out of 10. Even if I don’t have major complains, I think the story would have been a lot better if the author would have gone further with it.


“A name is a word of power. They identify our place in the universe.” -Amane

“You shouldn’t say things you don’t wish to be true.” -Amane

“If Amane-sama were to die, what would you do? Would you look for another master? Or would you end it all?” -Zakuro

“I may not be able to confess my own feelings to Amane, but I’m not about to let another guy confess his feelings to her either.” -Hyoue

“If Beauty loves him even though he’s a beast, then why should he become human?” -Hyoue

“You are the one who won’t be with me forever. No matter how hard I try, you’ll be gone before me.” -Hyoue

“I’m the one responsible for my own weakness.” -Amane

“That collar… Is that for fashion or for work?” -Aoi Mitsumine

“I used to think that if my impermeable heart was ever shaken that would mean I was weak. So why is it that I’m attracted to this kind of uncertainty the most of all?” -Amane

“The only thing more amazing than being in love is being loved in return.”

“I’ve decided to devote myself to being a tool.” -Hyoue.

“Is what’s forgotten really nor needed? When something’s is not chosen, does it deserve to disappear?” -Amane

“A sword of steel cuts the flesh and a sword of words cuts the soul.” -Toui Kamori

“When you lose faith in someone, you stop seeing them and see only your doubts.” -Toui Kamori

“I want this words to reach you. I promise that I will leave you warm memories that will never go away and pride in what we had.” -Amane

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