Manga: Kitchen Princess

18 Jul

kjhjhjhjThis manga surprised me as I was expecting a silly story with a silly protagonist, but only the latter is kinda true. The story has its share of darker themes hiding behind the shoujo art and the seemingly lighthearted plot. Notice I’ve label this as drama and not comedy, although you may find your share of comedy too. By the way, once you clicked on “read more”, sorry for the format. I seem to not be able to fix it today. I hate it when these things happen…

General Information:

  • Author: Kobayashi Miyuki (story) and Ando Natsumi (art)
  • Country: Japan
  • Volumes: 10
  • Chapters: 50
  • Genre: romance, school life, shojo, food, drama
  • Status: Completed
  • Publication date: 2004-2008
  • Anime: No
  • Sequel: Kitchen no Ohimesama: Tenshi no Cake wo Sagase!


Najika has an outstanding talent for cooking. She happily cooks for all the other orphans she lives with, bringing on the smiles she loves to see on their faces as she also helps the old lady who takes care of all of them.

However, Najika hasn’t always been a cheerful girl. When she lost her parents at a very young age, she became a very sad, bitter child. But one day she met a boy by a lake who gave her a flan, leaving her afterwards with just a silver spoon and what was going to be her motto all her life: “When you eat something good, you smile.”

As she grows older, she becomes determined to find her mysterious Flan Prince. Following her only clue, the silver spoon from Seita Academy, she enrolls the prestigious school.

Will she find her Flan Prince? Can he be one of the two brothers she meets in the school? Will she beat all the cooking challenges and become a famous chef?


Very pretty art. Shoujo style.


Najika is not a very deep or bright character and is, essentially, your typical shoujo girl: always trying to smile and making people do the same through her cooking abilities. But she is ok, I guess. She’s not specially annoying and she has this childhood tragedy to add dept to her cahracter.

Daichi and Sora are the brothers and the main competitors for Najika’s love. They are actually pretty different as Sora is the student president and a role model student while Daichi is a rebellious teenager who holds a grudge against his family and specially his father, who happens to be the director of the academy. Of course, the reasons for their tense relationship will be revealed.

The best: 

  • Nice art.
  • Loads of food! I love food, sue me 😀
  • I like the brothers and the story behind them.
  • I like the dramatic events going on in the story… (Can’t tell you much or I’ll ruin it, but it’s pretty intense for a manga who seems to be lighthearted)

The worst:

  • Najika. She could have been a more interesting character with a better developed personality, but as I said, she is not that annoying.
  • I thin it’s quite predictable who the Flan Prince is… But you may be confused, so it’s not totally bad.
  • Some questions unanswered such as why Daichi stopped playing basketball.


8’5 out of 10. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I was surprised because I was expecting a lighthearted story, but then there were a few times I almost even cried!

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