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Butterfly’s Notice: Not enough time

14 Aug

Hello, guys!

I want to let you know that updates will probably come out slowly since I’m studying abroad now. I may have mentioned it somewhere, I don’t remember. I did say it on my twitter account. So I’m sorry about this. I don’t want to give up on my blog, but I know I won’t have enough time to update every few days as I started to do almost a month ago, specially now I’m at the beginning of my adventure. I hope you’ll still enjoy my upcoming reviews, as sparsely as they may be. If by any chance you want to follow up on my adventure closely, please do check the blog on wordpress I’ve made with my friend, which is called From the Canaries to Seoul ( As most of you are interested in Asian culture, I think you’ll find it quite interesting.

See you soon, I hope,


Manga: Himegimi to Sanbiki no Kemono

14 Aug

himegimi to sambiki no kemonoThis manga is shorter than the ones I like to read, but I decided to give it a try and I was not disappointed. I recommend you to read it if you want a not so complicated story that is still pretty intriguing and with likable characters.







Movie: How To Train Your Dragon 2

2 Aug

how-to-train-your-dragon-2-poster1-690x1024I really love How To Train Your Dragon, so I went to watch the second movie yesterday and I think it was fairly better than I expected as sequels usually tend to be a disappointment. Oh, and I love Toothless 🙂







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