Manga: Please Save My Earth

31 Dec

jhjhjkhkhjHi! It’s been a long time, but now I’m on vacation. I’m doing great and still enjoying my life in Seoul. I hope I can review a few more things before I become silent again. Anyway, Please Save My Earth is a very well known manga, I think. The story and characters are quite good, although there are things I couldn’t stand. Keep reading 🙂






 General Information

  • Author: Hiwatari Saki
  • Country: Japan
  • Volumes: 21
  • Chapters: 138
  • Genre: romance, shojo, supernatural, fantasy, drama, sci-fi
  • Status: Completed
  • Publication date: 1987-1994
  • Anime: Sí (6 OVAs)


Seven students are brought together by their dreams of a past life as alien scientists living in a moon base while researching the Earth. Together they’ll try to make sense of their dreams and discover the secrets of love and tragedy of their past life, but it’s not going to be easy since Rin has nasty plans of his own and Arisu seems unable to awaken as her past self.

Will they ever know what really happened in the moon base? Can Rin being stopped?


Old style and difficult to like. Gets better with time, but I still had problems to recognize some of the characters and got confused a lot of times.


One of the strongest points of the manga as they are not one dimensional characters. We have a bunch of characters and each of them is nicely outlined and explained (some more than others, though, but it can’t be helped). We get to see the memories of their past life little by little and sometimes we get to see the same memories from different characters’ point of views. As an example, Mokuren is depicted by everyone as being your typical perfect and beautiful character, but when we finally get to see her point of view, we learn she is quite a feisty and rebellious girl whose not happy with the role she’s been given.

The best: 

  • The story itself.
  • The characters.

The worst:

  • The art.
  • SPOILER ALERT. At some point, one of the character is raped by another one and although at first it seems they take the issue quite seriously, the raped girl forgives the guy because she loves him or some shit thing like that. What the hell? The logic in this part of the story doesn’t make sense and it kinda ruined the story for me. If the author needed the girl to forgive him and start loving him again (because you can’t seriously keep loving someone who has raped you unless you are not on your right mind), then she should have made up a reasonable excuse.


7 out of 10. It would have been at least 9 if not for what I said in “the worst” section.


“I’ve just began to atone. Please, give me courage. The courage to confess it all.”

“Knowing your past life doesn’t mean the current me vanishes, only that I know what paths I took. The current me still exists.”

“If you don’t atone, this past may keep on inside me, controlling me…”

“Become wind, waves, light, love with all our hearts. This is the final miracle you caused.”

“I don’t want to reach that wretched answer, that I just wanted a kiss like when I was a child.”

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